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Frequently Asked Questions

For Event Guests & Ticket Buyers

When you complete your order, an email is sent to you to confirm your ticket purchase. Based on what the event host set up for the event, the email may either contain your actual tickets - or just instructions to show up at a Will-Call gate to get them. Tickets delivered in the email may be in two different forms, and the host may choose one or both of them:

  • Print-at-home format attaches a PDF to the email, with a summary of the order, plus images of each ticket. You can print that out and bring it with you to the event.
  • Mobile Ticket format includes ticket details and a scannable bar-code image right in the email. No need to print, just bring your phone and present your tickets that way.

Normally it takes only a few minutes for the email with your tickets to arrive. On rare occasions it may take 1 - 2 hours.

If you don't have your tickets within 2 hours, you can contact our Customer Support team to find out what's up.

The first thing you can try to do is to sign in to our system using the same email address you provided on your ticket order. If you never got a password, or lost it, use the Forgot Password link to get a new one. Once signed in, look for the EVENTS I'M ATTENDING link.

  • If your ticket order was completed, you'll see it along with a link to re-send the confirmation email.
  • If can't sign in or your order is not listed, you can call our Customer Support team to have them look into it.

The event organizer would be your best bet in this case. Just go to the public page where the event is listed and click on the link that reads Contact Event Organizer. If you're on a mobile device, that link is found on the event page's "Details" tab.

The event organizer sets the policy on whether or not refunds are permitted. Either way, you'll need to contact the organizer to ask for a refund.

You must be attending an event where the organizer has requested additional (but optional) information about each attendee. There are several ways you may do this - and you're not limited to only one of them. If you're assembling your crew as you go, you can enter their info at different times.

  1. When you complete your ticket order, there is a button on the confirmation page to "Enter Guest Info" that you may click to do this immediately.
  2. The email with your tickets will also have a button to "ADD GUEST INFO". You can go back to the email to click that button at any time up until the event.
  3. If the organizer elected to send out reminders, you may get one or two emails with a reminder to do this... with a button that reads "ADD GUEST INFO".
  4. Finally, you can sign in to the system at any time up until the event. Look for a link to the EVENTS I'M ATTENDING page. Next to your ticket order for the event there will be ... wait for it .... wait for it ... a link to "Enter Guest Info" to do this.